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psn-api is a well-tested JavaScript library that lets you get trophy, user, and game data from the PlayStation Network.


  • Tiny, less than 3Kb in size.
  • No configuration needed.
  • TypeScript support that "just works".
  • Functions are small and UNIX-like. They do one thing and do it very well.
  • Extremely well-tested: 100% coverage.

Many API wrappers for PSN provide high-level abstractions. For example, there may be a single call to authenticate, or a single call to a user's trophy list, or a single call to get game data, when in actuality there are multiple endpoints being hit on the PlayStation Network to handle all of these operations.

psn-api instead focuses on being low-level. Each function makes only one call. We believe this offers several benefits:

  1. psn-api functions are small and follow a UNIX-like principle of being good at only one thing. This makes it easier to compose the functionality you want for your scripts and apps.
  2. Open-source PSN wrappers are notorious for breaking when Sony changes something in their API. By offering low-level wrapper functions, we can more easily fix things when they change.
  3. Because each function is small, they are self-supporting and work in total isolation. You only pull in the code from this library you actually need.

Getting started

Are you starting from scratch? Follow the starter tutorial.

Contact and support

  • Create a GitHub issue for bug reports, feature requests, or questions.
  • Add a โญ๏ธ star on GitHub to support the project!


This project is licensed under the MIT license. psn-api is not affiliated with Sony or PlayStation in any way.